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TRA acquirer exemption requests

This function allows merchants, controlling their risk, to take advantage of TRA acquirer exemption and to increase their conversion rate in accordance with the DSP2 directive.
This is an additional exemption that is particularly useful for payments on Visa and Mastercard networks and for merchants benefiting from high exemption amount granted by their acquirer.
The merchant must contact his acquirer to inquire about the eligibility conditions.

Today, issuer exemptions above 100 € are infrequent.

You can request this exemption by setting the value 05 of the challengeInd parameter .
This function is available in DirectPayment API and WebPayment API with the doWebPayment and verifyEnrollment services .
Only the Visa, Mastercard and CB networks accept this exemption.

If the buyer authentication server does not support the exemption processing, Monext Online transforms exemption request into a issuer exemption request ('02') which is supported.