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Integration into a web page

The use of the Payline Payment Web Page interface is the simplest and fastest solution, Payline takes care of all the complexity related to authentication and the impact on the payment request.

Payline provides no impact for merchant integration:

  • authentication with or without challenge ;
  • the fallback to 3DS V1 if necessary.

3DS V2 incompatible avec PWP V1

It is not possible to initiate a 3DS V2 payment from the V1 Payment Web Pages.

Payment steps

There is no merchant impact at the level of server-to-server exchanges between the merchant and Payline.

Steps :

  1. The merchant: calls the doWebPayment service ;
  2. The merchant instantiates the widget on his payment pages (in In-shop mode) ;
  3. The merchant calls getWebPaymentDetails.

Process for V2 payment pages:

Valuation of web services

No modification of the web service is necessary.

We present below the new functions brought by 3DS V2.
None of these functions are mandatory.

The merchant must use a Payline web service version greater than or equal to 21 to benefit from the new functions linked to 3DS V2.

Service  doWebPaymentRequest
SettingPossible valuesFunction
  • 01 : No choice (default)
  • 02 : No challenge
  • 03 : Favorite challenge 
  • 04 : Challenge required
  • 05 : No challenge
  • 90 : CB Scoring (only one value possible)

The merchant can specify the authentication mode it wishes to see applied to this transaction.

Scoring request (only available with credit card)

  • 01 : Frictionless
  • 02 : Challenge
  • 03 : AVS verified
  • 04 : other
Highly recommended to promote firctionless. 3DS authentication method of the last payment.
threeDSInfo.threeDSReqPriorAuthTimestampDatetimeHighly recommended to promote frictionless. Date and time of the last payment.
merchantScoreScore calculated by the merchant and sent to CB (check with CB for more details)Retrieving the type of authentication actually performed.
Service getWebPaymentDetailsResponse
ParamètreValeurs possiblesFonction
authentication3DSecure.resultContainerobject Json encoded base64Retrieving a character string containing the result set of authentication parameters.
authentication3DSecure.authenticationResultPARES or CRES