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The backoffice allows the merchant to create an online transaction. The transactions types are  : Authorization, Authorization + Validation, Credit.

You can do it in three steps :

  1. Select the transaction type, entry of order reference, the amount of currency and VAD contract ;
  2. Entering card data;
  3. Display of transaction result.

1. Select the menu :  Payment transaction > Create transaction.

Fill the fields above :

Point of sale
You can to choose the point of sale for which transaction will be realized.

Select the VAD contract on which the transaction will be realized.

Type of transaction
Select the transaction type you wish to realize.

Amount : 10 means 10 €
Order reference
Origin MOTO : MOTO origin is mandatory since the buyer is not present.

Enter the information concerning the transaction you are going to realize.

Select the VAD contract on which the transaction will be realized.

Once all the fields have been completed, click on the Validate button

2. Create the transaction

The following screen is displayed on which you will find all elements entered in step 1, as well as a card data entry form corresponding to the selected payment contract.

Fill the card information : 

Card number
Payment card number (check the card test in test environment)

Expiration date
Payment card expiration date

Visual cryptogram of the payment card

Once all your card information has been entered, click on the Validate button. From that moment on, Payline will proceed to the authorization request from the acquiring bank to carry out the transaction. The result is displayed in step 3 below:

3 Check the result

Transaction data
In this context, you will find all the information passed to carry out the transaction.

Transaction result
In this context, you will find a summary of the transaction result.

On this page you can click on the Create a new transaction button if you wish to create a new transaction. Otherwise, navigate through the menu to the desired page.


  1. Select the point of sale for which you wish to carry out a transaction;
  2. Fill in the different fields;
  3. Enter your card data;
  4. Click on Validate;
  5. Retrieve the payment result of your transaction.

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