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This table shows the values for the "transStatusReason".

Provides information on why the transaction status field has the specified value.




01AllCard authentication failed.
02AllUnknown device.
03AllUnsupported device.
04AllExceeds authentication frequency limit.
05AllExpired card.
06AllInvalid card number.
07AllInvalid transaction.
08AllNo card record.
09AllSecurity failure.
10AllStolen card.
11AllSuspected fraud.
12AllTransaction not permitted for cardholder.
13AllCardholder not enrolled in service.
14AllTransaction timed out at ACS.
15AllLow confidence.
16AllMedium confidence.
17AllHigh confidence.
18AllVery high confidence.
19AllExceeds ACS maximum challenges.
20AllNon-payment transaction not supported.
21All3RI transaction not supported.
22AllACS technical issue.
23AllDecoupled Authentication required by ACS but not requested by 3DS Requestor.
24All3DS Requestor decoupled max expiry time exceeded.
25AllDecoupled Authentication was provided insufficient time to authenticate cardholder. ACS will not make attempt.
26AllAuthentication attempted but not performed by the cardholder.
80VisaError connecting to ACS.
80MastercardReturned on all Data Only authentications.
81VisaACS timed out.
81MastercardChallenge exemption accepted.
82VisaInvalid response from ACS.
82MastercardChallenge Mandate requested but could not be performed.
83VisaSystem Error response from ACS.
84VisaVMID not eligible for requested program.
85VisaVMID not eligible for requested program.
86VisaProtocol version not supported by ACS
87VisaTransaction is excluded from Attempts Processing (includes non- reloadable pre-paid cards and non-payments (NPA)).
88VisaRequested program not supported by ACS.