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Integration types

Following your business, needs and volumes, Payline offers several integration modes.

e-Commerce interface

The merchant has already integrated a solution and just configure the payment module in your e-commerce solution.

E-commerce suite

Use a solution from an already existing e-commerce suite and certified Payline and you will not have integration to realize : see list of e-commerce modules .

Web Page interface

The payment data is collected directly by Payline and Payline releases the merchant constraints PCI-DSS (SAQ-A).

  • Widget Mode : you create a web page with a Payline area to retrieve the payment information.
  • Redirection mode: you can redirect the shopper on the payment pages hosted by Payline. 

You can use web services:

  • either by using the web services of Payline API with our Development Kits, or you must have knowledge of HTML and a scripting language such as PHP, C # and Java ;
  • or by directly using API services, you must master development of client interface with secure standard web services (SOAP).

In-Shop Mode (web page)

With widget integration, payment page is displayed with tabs / columns in the e-shop page: see Web page link .

Lightbox Mode (web page)

With widget integration, payment page is displayed in overprint by a layer effect above the online store: see Web page link

Shortcut Mode (web page)

With Shortcut integration, a button calls payment page displayed on the e-shop page.

Redirection Mode (web page)

With standard or advanced page of Payline, merchant can use and customize them (logo addition, page style, color ...).

Redirection Mode V2 (web page)

The merchant calls a web page with  Payline widget that it can fully customize.

Direct Payment interface

The merchant develops own payment page, retrieves card data or card token on server and calls  Payline web service to complete the transaction.

This Direct mode, used by merchants with a lot of volume, allows full integration of payment page in merchant's website but with constraints concerning PCI-DSS requirements (SAQ AEP and SAQ-D).

Ajax Mode (direct mode)

With Direct Payment API, merchant collects payment information, retrieves a payment token and makes the payment request to Payline.

Direct mode (direct mode) 

With Direct Payment API, merchant collects payment information and makes the payment request to Payline.