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SDK is optional but if it is returned, the data it contains is required.






Lists all of the SDK Interface types that the device supports for displaying specific challenge user interfaces within the SDK.

Values accepted:
• 01 = Native
• 02 = HTML
• 03 = Both

YesAN2Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Lists all UI types that the device supports for displaying specific challenge user interfaces within the SDK.

String values accepted:

• 01 = Text
• 02 = Single Select
• 03 = Multi Select
• 04 = OOB
• 05 = HTML Other (valid only for HTML UI)

The merchant should include more than one value, for instance : 01,02,03,05

YesAN20Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Universally unique ID created upon all installations and updates of the 3DS Requestor App on a Consumer Device. This will be newly generated and stored by the 3DS SDK for each installation or update.

Length: 36 characters with JSON Data Type.

Canonical format as defined in IETF RFC 4122. This may utilise any of the specified versions as long as the output meets specified.

YesAN36Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Public key component of the ephemeral key pair generated by the 3DS SDK and used to establish session keys between the 3DS SDK and ACS.

In AReq, this data element is present as its own object.

In ARes, this data element is contained within the ACS Signed Content JWS Object.

YesAN256Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Indicates maximum amount of time (in minutes) for all exchanges.

Greater than or equal 05 with max 99

YesAN2Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)
referenceNumberIdentifies the vendor and version for the 3DS SDK that is integrated in a 3DS Requestor App, assigned by EMVCo when the 3DS SDK is approved.YesAN32Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)
transIDUniversally unique transaction identifier assigned by the 3DS SDK to identify a single transaction.YesAN36Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Send the encryption Data from the sdk information mobile in the verifyEnrollmentRequest :

For instance : <![CDATA[497sbyjfg6fd...f654df65sd4f654]]>

Length: Variable, maximum 64000 characters

JSON Data Type: String