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The merchant can specify the authentication mode that it wants to apply to this transaction with ChallengeInd.





ChallengeIndIndicates whether a challenge is requested for this transaction, see values Codes - ChallengeIndNoAN2Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Data supports a specific authentication process.

In the current version of the specification this data element is not defined in detail, however the intention is that for each 3DS Requestor Authentication Method, this field carry data that the ACS can use to verify the authentication process. In future versions of the specification, these details are expected to be included.


For Future usage

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

threeDSReqPriorAuthMethodMechanism used by the Cardholder to previously authenticate to the 3DS Requestor, see values Codes - threeDSReqPriorAuthMethodNoAN2


Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

threeDSReqPriorAuthTimestampDate and time in UTC of the prior cardholder authenticationNoAN16


Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

browserParameters of the shopper web browser. ConditionalObject browser

Mandatory in verifyEnrollment when the buyer is connected to a web browser either within a computer or a mobile (web app integration).

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

sdkParameters of the shopper application. ConditionalObject sdk

Mandatory in verifyEnrollment when the buyer is connected to a mobile application and the merchant is using a 3DS SDK (in app integration).

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

threeDSMethodNotificationURLFully qualified URL where the merchant receive the notification of the completion result of the 3DS Method (server to server notification)YesAN255Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

Indicates whether the 3DS Method successfully completed.

  • I: Value for the first call to verifyEnrollment
  • Y: 3DS method succeeded
  • N: 3DS method failed or no response received.

Must be present if the ACS required the buyer's browser to connect to the 3DS method.

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)


Preconfigured sizes are width x height in pixels of the window displayed in the Cardholder browser window.

Values accepted :

  • 01 = 250 x 400
  • 02 = 390 x 400
  • 03 = 500 x 600
  • 04 = 600 x 400
  • 05 = Full screen
NoN2Version 22 or higher (3DSV2)