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This element contains the information of the transaction. The structure is as follows :

idUnique Payline transaction identifier AN50


Date and time of Payline transaction.   

Format : dd/mm/yy HH24:MI        pour les services : doRefund, doCapture, ...

Format : dd/mm/yy HH24:MI:SS  pour  getWebPaymentDetailsResponse   


01/01/18 12:00

01/01/18 12:00:00

Suivi les webservices le format peut changer.

This indicator is returned by Payline in case of transaction duplicated

1 = duplicate transaction 
0 = no duplicate detected


This indicator is calculated according to the criteria defined by the merchant:

1 = There is a risk of fraud 
0 = No risk of fraud detected

fraudResultFraud CodeAN50

fraudResultDetailsFraud DetailsObject fraudResultDetails

explanationReason for refusal in case of fraudAN50


This indicator is returned by Payline during 3DSecure transactions : 

Y = 3DS Transaction 
N = Non-3DS Transaction 
D = 3DS Downgraded by issuer (Version 14 or higher)



Information displayed on the account statement of the buyer, limited with certain payment method. This information will be displayed on the payment ticket.

Special characters (not A..Z and 1..9) are specific to each acquirer / payment method. Check acquirer for format and support (version CB2A 1.5).

version 13 or higher.

version 16 or higher for Paypal.

scoreFraud scoring value : Score from 0 to 10N52
scoringActivated with subscription for ClearsaleObject scoring

externalWalletTypeType of wallet used during the transaction. Ex : V.Me, MasterpassAN20MasterpassNot used in doAuthorization
externalWalletContractNumberVAD contract number associated with Wallet paymentAN50
Not used in doAuthorization

Information returned to the merchant from the partners:


version 16 or higher

avsAVS Address Verification Serviceobject avs
version 17 or higher
customerIdFor specific use only.AN
version 23 or higher
typeFor specific use only.AN
version 23 or higher
orderReferenceFor specific use only.AN
version 23 or higher
paymentFor specific use only.object payment
version 23 or higher
pointOfSellFor specific use only.object pointOfSell
version 23 or higher
cardFor specific use only.object card
version 23 or higher
extendedCardFor specific use only.object extendedCard
version 23 or higher