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4 May 2018,

What is it about ?

Certificates are used to secure the technical interface between your website and Payline.

These certificates must be renewed every two to three years. It only takes a few easy steps.

Here the certificate that needs to be renewed is the one for the server for that enables your website to authenticate Payline

If you are unfamiliar with certificate renewals, let us guide you.

Am I concerned ?

Certificate checks may not have been implemented on your site. In this case, no further action is needed.

Your website administrator should be able to help and update the certificate if needed.

When should I renew the certificate ?

The certificate expires on 20 May 2018

Monext will install the new certificate on its network hardware on 15 May 2018, after our customers have updated theirs.

You may update anytime before that date.    

How do I renew the certificate ?

Your website administrator will know what to do; still, here are the steps :

You should first check that you do have the certificate on your website :

keytool -v -list -keystore [YOUR_TRUSTSTORE] | grep D2:6B:CF:6C:EF:50:9F:7C:8B:01:DB:A0:28:B0:0B:12:E0:13:69:34


keytool -v -list -keystore [YOUR_TRUSTSTORE] | grep 96:41:F1:B6:47:E4:23:F5:7A:3D:75:E3

where [YOUR_TRUSTSTORE] is your keystore location.

If you do get a result, you must install :  

  • The certification chain (BundleCA) in your certificate store (Truststore / Keystore)
  • The public certificate (

This is the current certificate :

Where can I find the new certificates

They have already been sent to you. Just in case, you’ll find the files here:

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