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The verifyEnrollmentResponse message contains.


resultInformation about enrollment verification result.YesObject result03000 : Transaction accepted
actionUrlACS URL.NoAN255

actionMethodSending Method. Returns a POST or GET value. Post by default.NoAN255POST
pareqFieldName*Name of the field "Pareq" to post.NoAN5PaReq
pareqFieldValueContains the value of the PaReq field.NoAN400eJxVkW9vgjAQxr+K8Q10bJlZ1MXpsr0...
termUrlName*Contains the name of the field "termUrl" to Post.NoAN50TermUrl
termUrlValueContains the field value "termUrl": to redirect the user on the shop, it will be fed by merchant in form POST.NoAN255NULL
mdFieldNameContains field name "MD field".NoAN50MD
mdFieldValue*Contains field value "MD field" to post.NoAN362KJw5rL1N7pZRsfS8Xiw
  • AN20 for transaction 3DSV1
  • AN36 for transaction 3DSV2

Returns an indicator about enrollment result : see values transStatus.

Monext advises the use of return code instead of mpiResult.


Version 21 (3DSV2)

authentication3DSecureInformation about 3D-Secure authentication.NoObject authentication3DSecure

virtualCvxVirtual CVV calculated by Payline.NoAN
Version 16 or higher. If the version> = 16, if a CVV is given as input and a virtualization request (card.generateVirtualCvx) is requested then the value of the virtual CVV is returned.
tokenPayline TokenPAN.NoAN194970zSIkspmH5670If the version> = 16, if a PAN and an expiration date are given as input then a TokenPAN is generated. In all other cases, no TokenPAN is generated.
transientData to populate the 3DSV2 container.NoJava = String (100 K Octets) et SQL = CLOB 
Version 21 (3DSV2)

List containing privateData. Number of items 0 to 100.

NoObject privateData
Version 21 (3DSV2)

Information about SDK mobile merchant for challenge.

NoObject sdkChallenge
Version 31 (3DSV2)

* these values ​​are generated dynamically and will be renewed for each message.