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The latest version of the plug-in made available by Payline is shown below.
Plug-ins are an integration help for merchants and webmasters.

In the event of difficulties encountered in the use of the module, we advise you to contact a technical specialist.


The Payline plugins for WooCommerce allow a quick implementation of Payline solution in your shop.

Available functions

Payline allows the following functionalities:

  • Full payment
    Simple payment on our secure interface. You can integrate it into your checkout, or redirect your buyers to it.

  • Payments on order or shipping
    Payment with validation within 7 days is possible or immediate validation for payment on order.

  • Full or partial refund
    Each item in the order can be refunded separately.

  • Installments payment (NX)
    The buyer can pay for his order in several installments (only one payment schedule can be chose by the merchant).

  • Subscription payment (REC)
    The buyer can subscribe to a subscription over a defined payment number, the schedule is defined by the merchant.

  • Retry payment
    The proposal of a secondary payment methods list after a payment refusal.

  • Customizing the user experience
    Redirection to a customized page, checkout integration/lightbox.

  • Fraud
    Depending on the buyer's history, his addresses (including relay points), the content of his order...

  • Automatic payment / order synchronization
    Your buyer has not returned to the store after a redirect to our payment interface ? No problem, the notification process automatically updates their order.

Payment steps

Once the plugin is installed, configured and activated, Payline can be selected by customers of your WooCommerce store on Checkout page :

  1. The consumer validates his order.
  2. The payment page is displayed with the payment types (CPT, REC, NX). The consumer selects his payment method.
  3. He fills his payment information securely and then validates his payment.
  4. The merchant website displays the result of the order: return to the store (see below).

From this step, the order is created in the pending state and can be viewed in the WooCommerce admin center


Return to merchant website 

  • If you have enabled automatic redirection option at the end of payment from your Payline administration center, the buyer will be redirected to the "order received" success page automatically.

  • If this option is not enabled in your Payline administration center, the buyer will be redirected to the "payment receipt" and will have to click on "finish" in order to be redirected to the merchant website.

Finally, the merchant can consult the order details in WooCommerce administration center.