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The transaction deliassage

The delinking of transactions corresponds to a referral of transactions by contract number (acquiring bank) chosen by the merchant according to three possible criteria:

  • the amount of the transaction
  • the BIN range to which the carrier's card belongs
  • the bank issuing the card of the bearer

The principle

Here are the main steps that the merchant must follow to set up the deliberation of transactions from the administration center:

  1. The merchant enters a first VAD contract number, for example 1234567, on which he wishes to set up a routing rule to direct his transactions to another acquiring bank.
  2. The merchant enters a second VAD contract, for example 1111112, to which he wants his transactions to be redirected
  3. Then, he chooses the criteria he wants to activate to set up this routing rule.

List of Criteria

Here is the list of the criteria of deliassage:

  • the amount of the transaction

For example, all transactions over 100 € are routed to the bank N ° 1

  • the carrier card according to the entry of a BIN MIN and MAX range.

For example, all transactions with the bearer card in the defined card number range are routed to bank # 2.

  • the issuing bank or banks

For example, all the bearer cards of the bank N ° 4 will be routed on the bank N ° 1 
These criteria can be cumulated for the same rule. 
A rule can be created or deleted but not modified.