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The createWebWallet and updateWebWallet services have been replaced by the manageWebWallet service for Redirection or Widget mode web pages.


The "createWebWallet" function is used to initialize the creation of virtual wallet via the web interface. Once the shoper is redirected, the shopper will be prompted to enter his card information to create his virtual wallet. Payline checks this information with a debit authorization request for an amount of only one euro (validation does not take place, so no credit card is credited at the time of creation) and records your customer's wallet with the customer. identifier (walletID) that you provided.

It is necessary that the TPV contract provided by the bank, authorizes the merchant to be able to make payments without cryptogram or to obtain a TPV contract authorizing to make recurring payments.

This functionality will allow, starting from the V4.31 release, delivered in October 2012, the cards management of shopper wallet. Your shopper will be able to:

- consult the card (s) registered on his wallet; 
- delete a card registered on his wallet; 
- add a card in his wallet; 
- Set as a default payment method a card from his wallet.

Request to send

The request "createWebWalletRequest" must have the following structure:








Payline web services version. To be valued with the latest version: see the table of versions.




The code or number of your TPV contract that represents the means of payment you want to use.



The list of contract numbers you want to use for this payment. Payline displays the list of payment methods in the order in which the list has been filled.

If this field is not filled in, Payline displays all of your active means of payment at the point of sale.

NoObject selectedContractList

If only one contract is filled, Payline displays a page for entering bank details.

If 2 or more contracts are indicated, Payline displays a payment methods selection page


Indicator of possibility of updating the personal data by the holder of the portfolio.

Empty: Update prohibited.

0: Update prohibited

1: Update allowed.


Shopper information.


Object buyer

ownerHolder Information.NoObject owner


Fill in this field with the ISO code of the language in which you want to display the Payline payment web pages. By default, the web browser of your shopper asks Payline for the page in the desired language.

fre : French
eng: English

see complete list in "List of language codes".


customPaymentPageCodeThe personalization identifier of the merchant's web pagesNoAN501fd51s2dfs51

Selecting the security mode to use for the payment transaction.


cf. complete list in "List of security mode".


returnURLURL on which the shopper's browser is redirected after validation of payment on Payline.YesAN255http://... or https://...
cancelURLURL on which the shopper's browser is redirected if he decides not to validate the payment or that Payline can not authorize the payment of this customer.YesAN255http://... or https://...
notificationURLURL on which Payline will ask the merchant site to retrieve the result of the transaction.NoAN255http://... or https://...


Information on personal information.


Object PrivateDataList

customPaymentTemplateURLDynamic template URL.NoAN255https://....  only
contractNumberWalletListList of TPV contract wallet.NoObject contractNumberWalletList