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This payment method allows merchants to offer buyers a recurring, periodic payment by creating a payment schedule from Payline.
You will be able to optimise your payment path, customise subscriptions and build buyer loyalty by reducing risk.

The merchant specifies in the payment request:

  • The amount of the first maturity (if different from others);
  • The amount of other maturities (one amount for all others);
  • The date of the first expiry (default is the current date);
  • The day of the month of the other deadlines (for the withdrawals whose period is at least equal to the month By default, the day of the current date);
  • The total number of deadlines (optional, if absent and no end date of subscription then withdrawal without time limit);
  • The end date of the subscription (optional, If absent and no number of deadlines then withdrawal without time limit).

The first due date is scheduled on the date provided by the merchant or the current date if not provided

The controls specific to each means of payment must remain.

The other deadlines are planned:

  • For daily payments every following day
  • For weekly payments, each of the following weeks using the same day of the week as the first day
  • For bi-weekly payments, every two weeks, from the first payment (same day of the week)
  • For other payments, every n months from the nth month after the first due date to the specified or default day.

To realize the payment due, Payline stores the buyer's card data and stores it in a wallet or wallet. 
If you do not send us a wallet ID in your payment request, we create an implicit wallet it is a backup of the card data only during the period of validity of the payment file.



A deadline corresponds to a levy. 
It is distinguished by these characteristics: 
- A unique transaction identifier 
- An amount 
- A sampling date 
- A number of tests

If the transaction fails, Payline will make up to 3 payment attempts 
- a state 

The status of a deadline can be "Active" or "Inactive". A deadline becomes inactive only if it has been deactivated. 
- A status

When the deadline is programmed, its status is "To come". Picked up, his status becomes "done". If it is disabled, its status becomes "Canceled". 
The English term "billing record" is used in our web services to identify the payment deadline.

Payment file 

All deadlines are grouped in a payment file. 
A file is identified by a unique number. 
It can be disabled by web service. Its deactivation cancels all the deadlines of the file. The English term "payment record" is used in our web services to identify the payment record.

Shipping payment

If you want to make payment on the shipping, you can make the first withdrawal when shipping the package of your goods.

For example, on an order of 300 € with a payment in 3 monthly installments according to this schedule:


Transaction Type

THE 10/09/2013: 150,00 EUR

Authorization (Shipping Rate)

THE 18/10/2013: 75,00 EUR

Authorization + Validation (Immediate debit)

ON 18/11/2013: 75,00 EUR

Authorization + Validation (Immediate debit)

You can carry out the first shipment picking of the package several days after the request for payment by the call of the web service  doCapture.

The frequency

You can determine the number and frequency of payment due dates from an order.

The most common case is that of payment in 3 installments per month but we can offer you several other payment frequencies.

Code to use

in our WS





One transaction per day



One transaction every seven days



Two transactions per month



One transaction per month



One transaction every two months



One transaction every three months



One transaction every six months



One transaction per year



A transaction every two years

Calculation of the amount

The amount of the installments is to be determined when initiating the payment request.

You must indicate the amount of the first deduction:  

[Balise « recurring.firstAmount » du Web service doWebPayment].

Then, you must enter the amount of the withdrawals. This amount will be the same for the next N .

[Balise « recurring.amount » du Web service doWebPayment].

In case of difficulty of payment

In the case of a payment difficulty, Payline represents three times the payment transaction over a period of one week. During each failed attempt, you are notified of the failure to pay by a notification (see Deadline Notification).

Cases expired on schedule

In the event that the expiry date of the credit card does not cover all the future deadlines, Payline will alert you with the return code 02501 when you come to get the details of the result of the transaction.

In these cases, we advise you to refuse the payment by carrying out two actions:

  • Inform your buyer of the refusal of his order
  • Deactivate the payment file on Payline (see Disabling a payment file)

Notification of deadlines

You have the option of being alerted on a notification URL of your choice following the deduction of each of the deadlines.

Payline also offers the sending of an email, fully customizable, to your buyer following the deduction of each of the deadlines.

Both features are configurable on our admin center.

Notification of maturity payments to the merchant

This feature is to be configured on the Payline Administration Center in the "Configuration" / "Your Points of Sale" / "Point of Sale Edit" tab. 
To do this, you must enter a notification URL or provide us with a notification URL in the Payline web services call and tick the box "Notification of payments on time".

List of parameters sent by Payline on the notification URL as part of a payment of due date:

  • notificationType=BILL

This setting tells you the payment type for which you are receiving a notification. 
"BILL" is the value provided for a payment due:

  • paymentRecordId=185321

This is the payment file number that includes all deadlines:

  • walletId=1HJb16UJMFmOuD5tCiWS1378738513330

Identifier of the wallet used during the payment. In this example, it is an implicit wallet:

  • transactionId=10909165550386

Transaction ID:

  • billingRecordDate=20130909

Deadline date:

  • orderRef = REF004000112

Command reference sent when the merchant initiates the payment.

Full example of notification URLs due:

Notification to the buyer of the different deadlines

Payline offer to warn the consumer during each collection by email.

You fully customize this email (content, logo, variables available in the body of the email).

Payline integration

Payline offers several ways to integrate this payment solution in several times:

  • by the Web Pages , using the doWebPayment service with deadlines managed by Payline or by the merchant (wallet or tokenization);
  • through Direct Payment , using Payline's virtual portfolios with the doRecurringWalletPayment service;
  • by the Payline Administration Center, to change deadlines.