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Return codes linked to the return of Payline processing.

Miscellaneous codes are related to an operation other than payment. For example: you can always know what the consumer is doing on the Payline payment page by calling the getWebPaymentDetail function. In the case where the consumer has not yet made a transaction, a code 02XXX informs you of the status of the transaction.

02000ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction in progress, please wait for payment status.
02001ERRORDuplicate transaction
02002ERRORDuplicate pending transaction 
02003REFUSEDIssuer communication error. Transaction must be cancelled.
02004CANCELLEDIssuer communication error. Transaction cancelled.
02005ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction in progress, please wait for payment status.


Retry in progress, please wait for payment status.
02008CANCELLEDTransaction canceled by user
02009CANCELLEDTo be reversed, Payline fallback process
02010ERRORRequested function not available
02011ERRORTo be reversed in fallback mode
02012ERRORUnmatched partner return code
02013ERRORIssuer communication error. Transaction cancelled.
02014CANCELLEDTransaction handled by merchant
02015REFUSEDTransaction in progress, please wait for payment status.


Transaction hold on partner, please wait for payment method return

02020REFUSEDTransaction refused by partner
02101ERRORSystem internal error (frontend)
02102ERRORAcquirer server communication error
02103ERRORConnection timeout, please try later
02104ERRORTokenizer internal error
02105ERRORCapture sent for settlement before cancellation process
02106ERRORPayment partner error
02110ERRORThe amount is invalid
02201ERRORThe seeked encryption key does not exist
02202ERRORThe used encryption key is out of date
02203ERRORToo many active key pair
02204ERRORInvalid merchantKeyName
02301ERRORTransaction ID  is invalid.
02302ERRORTransaction is invalid.
02303ERRORInvalid contract number.
02304ERRORNo transaction found for this token
02305ERRORInvalid field format
02306INPROGRESSThe consummer has to fill his payment card details
02307ERRORInvalid custom page code
02308ERRORInvalid value for 
02309ERRORCustomPaymentPageCode is inactive
02310ERRORNo transaction matching with search criteria
02311ERRORToo many transactions match with search criteria
02312ERRORSearch criteria are invalid
02313CANCELLEDTransaction flag capturable is disabled
02314ERRORTransaction flag refundable is disabled
02315ERRORA merchant is already logged on with this company name. If there is a problem, contact Support
02316ERRORThe commercial offer does not exist for this distributor. If there is a problem, contact Support
02317ERRORThis token does not exist
02318ERRORThis token does not exist
02319CANCELLEDTransaction cancelled by user
02320ERRORThe searched time interval is too long
02321ERRORInvalid value for payment action 
02322ERRORInvalid cardholder name
02323REFUSEDBirthdate must not be provided using 3DS
02324CANCELLEDThe session expired before the consumer has finished the transaction 
02325ERRORTransaction must be unblocked before capture
02400ACCEPTEDMass Transaction Successfull
02401ERRORSome transaction failed
02402ERRORWaiting for treatment
02403ERRORNo mass treatment found
02500ACCEPTEDOperation Successfull
02501ACCEPTEDOperation Successfull but wallet will expire
02502ERRORWallet with the same identifier exist
02503ERRORWallet does not exist
02504REFUSEDCan not update Lastname and Firstname
02505ERRORWallet is disabled
02506REFUSEDWallet can not operate on scheduled date
02507ERRORCan not find payment record
02508REFUSEDPayment record is disabled
02509REFUSEDpayment.amount  must equals recurring.firstAmount + (recurring.billingLeft - 1) * recurring.amount
02510ERRORCan not find payment record
02511REFUSEDWallet is not supported for this card
02512REFUSEDLastname and Firstname required for wallet
02513ERRORWallet Id required for wallet
02514ERRORPrivate data number is limited to 99
02515REFUSEDMust choose the data to update
02516ERRORCan not disable the wallet(s)
02517REFUSEDCan not disable some wallet(s)
02518ERRORInvalid card index
02519ERRORCan not enable the wallet(s)
02520REFUSEDCan not enable some wallet(s)
02521ERRORCard already exist in this wallet
02522ERRORAmex recurring invalid field
02523REFUSEDAmex recurring not allowed
02524ERRORAmex one click invalid field
02525REFUSEDAmex one click not allowed
02526ERRORAmex one click capture amount invalid
02527ERRORInvalid control option
02528ERRORSelectedContractList must be filled with only one contract
02529ERRORInformations must referenced the same contract
02530REFUSEDeMoneo not allowed
02531REFUSEDLeetchi not allowed
02532REFUSEDWallet management is not allowed with your account


The consummer is not redirected on payment web pages
02534REFUSEDThe consummer is not redirected on payment web pages and session is expired
02535REFUSEDThe session expired before the operation on the wallet
02536CANCELLEDTransaction cancelled by user
02538ERRORFullfill either card.number or card.token (not both)
02539ERRORExpiration date is mandatory for this token format.
02540ERRORNo card found for this token.
02541ERRORCard is not eligible
02542ACCEPTEDCard expires before the last billing date.
02543ERRORbillingRecord not found
02544ERRORTransaction mode must be REC
02545ERRORTransaction mode must be NX
02546ERRORbilling status doesn't authorize the action.
02550ERRORInvalid expected endDate
02551ERRORnewAmount and amountModificationDate are both present or both empty.
02552ERRORUpdatePaymentRecord must be used only for REC payments.
02553ERRORbillingDay included in [01.28] for billingCycle greater than or equal to months.
02554ERRORbillingleft must be greater or equal to billingleft already present in the database.
02555ERRORendDate, newAmount and amountModificationDate can only be used for recurring payments
02556ERRORInvalid Billing Record Id
02557ERRORInvalid expected amountModificationDate
02600ERRORReset is not supported for transaction type
02601ERRORReset already done
02602ERRORAuthorization is already expired
02603ERRORAuthorization is not resetable
02604ERRORThis transaction does not exist
02605ERRORInvalid Functional Profile ID
02606ERRORInvalid  Sequence ID
02607ERRORInvalid Monetic Profil ID
02608ERRORInvalid Monetic Param ID
02609ERRORMonetics parameters are not initialized 
02610REFUSEDThe max amount is exceeded 
02611REFUSEDThe min amount is not reached
02612ERRORThe amount provided is different from the original transaction
02613ERRORThe maximal sum of the capture/refund is exceeded 
02614ERRORInvalid Luhn Key 
02615REFUSEDVirtual card denied
02616REFUSEDError while creating the wallet
02617ERRORThe transaction is already captured
02618REFUSEDThe transaction is not yet captured
02619ERRORYou don't have the reauthorization option
02620ERRORCurrency must be the same as the original authorization
02621REFUSEDOperation not allowed on this site
02622REFUSEDReauthorization not allowed on virtual card
02623REFUSEDMaximum nbr of attempts reached
02624REFUSEDCard expired
02625ERRORInvalid card number format
02626ERRORInvalid expiration date
02627ERRORInvalid cvv
02628ERRORInvalid return URL
02629ERRORImpossible to decode the virtual CVV
02630ERRORVirtual CVV is not allowed for this function
02631REFUSEDDelay exceeded
02632ERRORMethod GET is not allowed
02633REFUSEDLost or stolen card
02634ERRORInvalid credit option code
02635ERRORInvalid birthdate
02636ERRORInvalid cvv
02637ERRORBirthdate is missing
02638ERRORCVV is missing
02639REFUSEDBirthdate or CVV is missing
02640REFUSEDCredit refused by custommer
02701REFUSEDAmount not allowed
02702REFUSEDCurrency not allowed
02703ERRORAction not allowed
02712ERRORA valid private data with the key `voucherValue¿ is required.
02713ERRORThe token field is invalid. Need to be alphanumeric (13-19)
02715ERRORAuthentication3DSecure is mandatory
02716REFUSEDSelectedContractList must be filled with only one contract per payment method
02717ERRORThe version of the web service is incompatible with a multi-contracts wallet
02718ERRORSelectedContractList must be filled with at least one contract
02719REFUSEDThe type of contracts is incompatible with the type of card
02720REFUSEDDelivery mode not found for this value
02721REFUSEDDelivery time not found for this value
02724ERRORThe amount must be empty for an information demand.
02725ERRORThe contract.enrolment3DS value is invalid. Must be Y or N.
02726ERROREither card.number or walletId must be fulfilled
02727ERRORInvalid walletCardInd
02728REFUSEDReset is not possible because the authorization has been approved more than {0} days ago
02729REFUSEDRefund amount exceeds the limit
02730REFUSEDRefund country is out of eurozone
02731REFUSEDRefund period exceeds the limit
02732REFUSEDRefund currency is only euro
02733ERRORInvalid field format : {0} : Cannot be empty.
02734REFUSEDCredit amount exceeds  the limit
02735ERRORBIC format is incorrect
02736ERRORIBAN format is incorrect
02737ERRORThis bank is not authorized for credit transfer
02738ERRORThis account is not authorized for credit transfer
02739ERRORThis credit transfer is not allowed for security reasons
02740REFUSEDCredit currency only euro
02741ERRORThis order does not exist
02742REFUSEDInconsistent request : No complying contract
02840ERRORContract number must be fulfilled
02841ERRORToo many contract number
02842REFUSEDContract not associated with card
02843ERRORdifferedActionDate must be empty if the payment mode is not DIF
02998REFUSEDTransaction refused

More details

02101When the PSP Payline is disturbed.
02102When the PSP Payline cannot join the bank.
02103When time connection is over 25 seconds.
02301When transactionID not exist in PSP Payline.
02302When capture isn't possible since the reautor capture period is passed.
02303When contract number given in request not exist or not appropriate.
02304Webpayment pages, the buyer not cancelled  or  exceed time (15 minutes).
02305When parameter given in request are incorrectly formated like date format for example.
02306The result is given after getwebpaymentdetails.
02307When custom Page Code given in request not exist in Payline.
02308When Payment Mode given in request can't be used for the webservice.
02317This token has never sent by Payline or session expired.
02318In case of switch over in secondary site.
02319In webpayment, the buyer click on the cancel Button.
02500Message relate to wallet
02501Message relate to wallet
02502Message relate to wallet
02503Message relate to wallet
02504Message relate to wallet
02505Message relate to wallet
02506Message relate to wallet
02507Message relate to wallet
02508Message relate to wallet
02509Message relate to wallet
02510Message relate to wallet
02511Message relate to wallet
02512Message relate to wallet
02513Message relate to wallet
02514Message relate to wallet
02514Message relate to wallet
02515Message relate to wallet
02516Message relate to wallet
02517Message relate to wallet
02518Message relate to wallet
02519Message relate to wallet
02520Message relate to wallet
02521Message relate to wallet
02522Message relate to wallet
02523Message relate to wallet
02524Message relate to wallet
02525Message relate to wallet
02526Message relate to wallet
02527Message relate to wallet
02528Message relate to wallet
02529Message relate to wallet
02530Message relate to wallet
02531Message relate to wallet
02532Message relate to wallet
02533Message relate to wallet
02534Message relate to wallet
02535Message relate to wallet
02600Message relate to reauthorization function
02601Message relate to reauthorization function
02602Message relate to reauthorization function
02603Message relate to reauthorization function
02604Message relate to reauthorization function
02615Message relate to reauthorization function
02616Message relate to reauthorization function
02617Message relate to reauthorization function
02618Message relate to reauthorization function
02619Message relate to reauthorization function
02620Message relate to reauthorization function
02621Message relate to reauthorization function
02622Message relate to reauthorization function
02623Message relate to reauthorization function
02624Message relate to reauthorization function
02625Message relate to reauthorization function
02626Message relate to reauthorization function
02627Message relate to reauthorization function
02628Message relate to reauthorization function
02629Message relate to reauthorization function
02630Message relate to reauthorization function
02631Message relate to reauthorization function
02632Message relate to reauthorization function
02724Message relate to wallet
02726Message relate to wallet
02727Message relate to wallet
02728Message relate to reauthorization function

Additional information

02008 : The payment cancellation from the buyer will return that code for widget integration instead of 02324 (V4.58).