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The plugin downloadable on this page allows rapid implementation of the Payline solution in your Prestashop 8 store.

Download the module

Payline plugin version 2.3.1  for Prestashop version 8.x  : download the plugin

This version includes: 

    • PHP 8.x compatibility fix
    • Downgrade composer to ensure php 7.3 compatibility
    • Upgrade SDK from v4.73 to v4.75

Payline plugin version 2.3 for Prestashop version 8.x  : download the plugin

Installing the plugin

Check the previous chapter for prerequisites.
In  your Prestashop back office, go to the Modules category:

  1. Click the Add New Plugin icon 

  2. Click the Choose File button . In the displayed explorer, select the downloaded plugin then validate 

  3. Click the Load Plugin button 

  4. Payline  appears in the list of plugins. Finalize the installation by clicking on the Install button 

(info)please consult the Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 Plugin page for more details on the installation procedure