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Return codes linked to the return of the bank processing.

00000ACCEPTEDTransaction approved
01100REFUSEDTransaction refused
01101REFUSEDCard expired
01102REFUSEDInvalid birthdate
01103REFUSEDReferral - Contact your bank for authorization
01108REFUSEDReferral - Contact your bank for authorization
01109ERRORInvalid merchant
01110ERRORInvalid amount
01111REFUSEDInvalid card number
01113REFUSEDTransaction refused
01114REFUSEDThis account does not exist
01115REFUSEDThis function does not exist
01116REFUSEDAmount limit
01117REFUSEDInvalid PIN code
01118REFUSEDCard not registered
01119REFUSEDThis transaction is not authorized
01120REFUSEDTransaction refused by terminal
01121REFUSEDDebit limit exceeded
01122REFUSEDSecurity violation
01123REFUSEDDebit transaction frequency exceeded
01125REFUSEDInactive card
01126REFUSEDInvalid PIN format
01128REFUSEDInvalid ctrl PIN key
01129REFUSEDCounterfeit suspected
01130REFUSEDInvalid cvv2
01131REFUSED3DS authentification required

Revocation of this recurring payment.

The merchant handling that recurring payment must stop to issue further related payment requests.
Monext stops to issue the further related payment requests.


Revocation of all payment for this card

The merchant must stop to issue any further payment request for any recurring payment initiated with this card.

Monext stops to issue the further related payment requests.

01180ERRORInvalid bank
01181ERRORInvalid currency
01182ERRORConversion rate is not found
01183REFUSEDMax amount exceeded
01184REFUSEDMax uses exceeded
01185ERRORUsed order
01196ERRORIncomplete bank server response
01197ERRORAquirer communication error
01198ERRORAquirer configuration error
01199ERRORSystem internal error (backend)
01200REFUSEDTransaction refused
01201REFUSEDCard expired
01202REFUSEDFraud suspected by payment partner
01206REFUSEDMaximum nbr of attempts reached
01207REFUSEDSpecial condition
01208REFUSEDCard lost
01209REFUSEDCard stolen
01280REFUSEDCard bin not authorized
01401REFUSEDOpposition on the account (temporary)
01402REFUSEDIrregular cheque
01403REFUSEDNon referenced cheque
01404REFUSEDWrong subscriber number (IDCF)
01405ERRORFNCI server error
01406ERRORIncorrect CMC7
01407ERRORIncorrect IDC number
01430ERRORIncorrect cheque number
01902ERRORAcquirer Invalid transaction
01904ERRORAcquirer bad format request
01907ERRORCard provider server error 
01909ERRORBank server Internal error
01912ERRORIssuer server error 
01913ERRORDuplicated transaction
01914ERRORTransaction can not be found
01915REFUSEDOperation cancelled not authorized
01917REFUSEDThis transaction is not resetable
01940ERRORBank server unavailable
01941ERRORBank server communication error
01942ERRORBank server Internal error 
01943ERRORBank server Internal error 

More details

01109 : when the bank does not know contract number given in request or when the merchant service  has a wrong configuration

01115 : if you are not authorized to use an option, call support for modify configuration “subscribe option”

01181 : Check your configuration, you are not authorised with this currency.

01182 : When conversion rate is not found.

01199 : Error returned by the bank, it didn't receive response from the provider server.

01902 : Error returned by the bank, the transaction can't be processed.

01904 : Error returned by Payline, the transaction format received by payline front is not available.

01907 : Error returned by the bank because the card provider server is down.

01914 : Error returned by Payline during the processing of a settlement or a reset the initial authorisation can't be found.

01940 : Error returned by Payline because it doesn't receive any response from the bank.

01941 : Error returned by Payline, this code is never returned.

01942 : Error returned by Payline, the bank server response code is unknown.

01943 : Error returned by Payline, the bank server returned and unavailable response format transaction.