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How to set up your account ?

You must contact your account manager to get the information to configure your account on Payline (list of contracts). 
Then please send an email to support with the information, so we can proceed the setup in your Payline merchant account.

Contact our support team.

The code (card_code) of the payment method is: GOOGLE_PAY

allowedAuthMethod option

You can select 3DS or PAN mode. 3DS mode allows you to verify the enrollment of the bank card for mobile payment and obtain the transfer of responsibility.
Do not display on Computer if mode allowerdAuthMethod='Crypto3DS' (3DS MODE).


This payment method is not displayed on iOS. Google Pay payment method display is only available on all Chrome desktop and mobile browsers.

API WebPayment de Payline

To get Merchant Identifier and Merchant Name fields, you must to register for Google Pay API to get access Google Pay Developer Profile from the Web Developper menu.

For the allowedAuthMethod field  , you must select the 'Both' option.

  • PAN mode allows you to only accept cards not enrolled by Google Pay. These cards may be subject to strong authentication during payment.
  • 3DS mode allows you to only accept cards registered with Google Pay. These cards will not be subject to strong authentication during payment because Google has already carried out authentication during enrollment. 

Follow the links for the integration Google Pay Web developer documentation, Google Pay Web integration checklist and Google Pay Web Brand Guidelines.

(info)When registering

  • For redirection mode: the merchant must declare the URL to Google and provide screenshots of the purchasing process. 
  • For widget mode: the merchant must declare their domain name of their website and communicate screenshots of the purchasing process. 

API DirectPayment de Payline

For the integration of the Android SDK the APK ( must be whistelisted with Google Pay. You must register with the Google Pay API on the Google Pay Developer Profile  in Android Documentation menu.
Follow the links for the integration Google Pay Android developer documentation, Google Pay Android integration checklist and Google Pay Android brand guidelines
All merchants must adhere to the Google Pay™ APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in the Google Pay API Terms of Service.

In Live

You must perform 'pilot' transactions to validate the transaction in production.

How to offer Google Pay to your customers ?

Once the payment method is activated, it can be used through standard Payline functions. 

Integration mode in WebPayment API mode and DirectPayment API are available.

Payline offer two authorization methods Google Pay API CardAuthMethods "PAN_ONLY" and "CRYPTOGRAM_3DS" with CB, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Web services in Web mode

The doWebPayment and getWebPaymentDetails services are available. 
The object Payment will be sent by the merchant with the values Action and Mode. 
The getWebPaymentDetails service returns the result of the transaction.

Direct mode web services

Available services: 

  • The doAuthorization service  to realize a payment request on the Google Pay contract.
  • The cash management services (validation, cancellation, refund) are done on the payment contract.

The merchant must refer to the Google document to create a JavaScript to initiate payment, display the button and manage the event CallBack Google Widget. 
Then he will have to recover the payload of Google Pay, to transmit in the request of authorization to Payline in the paymentData .TokenData

In the second step of Google Pay™ documentation, you must update the following fields: 

  • gateway  field must contain the value 'monext';
  • gatewayMerchantId field must contain the value 'PAYLINE', corresponding to the merchant ID defined when setting up the Google Pay account.

In direct mode, if a payload is entered then the value of card .panType will be valued as indicated below:

  • GooglePay transactions in PAN mode must be identified with panType = CARD PAN
  • GooglePay transactions in CRYPTO_3DS mode must be identified with panType = DEVICE_TOKEN

Required fields

The same fields as for a credit card type transaction.

How to perform tests ?

On the test environment, you need to run tests from a Google account that will return a test card instead of your actual card.

Return codes

Monext Online informs you of the result of a payment via ShortMessage, according to the integration method offered by the payment method. 

The states returned:

  • The payment is accepted with the status ACCEPTED and the return code 00000.
  • The payment is refused with the status REFUSED. The code varies depending on the reason for refusal (For example: 01xxx for a banking reason or 04xxx for suspected fraud).

Status management and return codes are listed here .