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Payments initiated by an advisor in response to a letter or a phone call do not require 3DS authentication.

It is necessary to specify these payments to authorization servers to not refuse them due to missing authentication (soft decline).

This page explains how to proceed depending on the origin request:

  1. Payline web services interface, Payment web page and direct interface ;
  2. Virtual Payment Terminal (TPEV) ;
  3. Payline Administration Center.

The procedure is independent of network used : CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ...

Use of Payline Web Services interface

The merchant must use a Payline TPV contract, ie a contract on which 3D Secure is not activated.

In calls to web services, its necessary to indicate to value the 'origin' field in the Order object :

  • MO for Mail Order
  • TO for Telephon Order

The table below specifies the Payline web services.


Objet Order

MO : Mail Order

TO : Telephon Order

Use Virtual Payment Terminal (TPEV)

To be able to issue MO / TO requests, the merchant must use the option 'Origin of the transaction: MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order)' in their contract.

If not, contact the sales team

The advisor chooses the origin of the call (Mail Order by default) for each payment request.

Note : only the TPV contracts are accessible from the TPEV function.

Using the Payline backoffice 

Transactions created from the Payline backoffice are only Mail Order or Telephon Order type (default).

Note : only the TPV contracts are accessible from Payline backoffice.